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Jeff attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks on an academic scholarship, and also studied creative writing at University of Hull (UK). He found his calling in 2009 when he began working with seniors and their families at A Place for Mom, and has immersed himself in writing and research about issues affecting older adults. He also enjoys literature, spending time with his daughter and recording music. Jeff Anderson's Google+ Profile

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Senior Housing Goes Back to School

Senior Housing Goes Back to School
In the last decade, developers have explored putting senior communities on college campuses. Unfortunately, the global economic meltdown and subsequent recession put a damper on plans, but a recent economic recovery has brought this exciting trend back to life. Learn more about senior
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8 Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

The average rent for a one bedroom apartment at an assisted living community is about $3,100 per month according to the 2012 A Place for Mom Cost of Senior Care Survey; in some regions the cost is higher. So, understandably, many families who contact us are worried about how to pay fo
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15 Weird and Wonderful Movies Set at Senior Communities

Assisted living facilities, retirement communities and nursing homes have served as the backdrop for a wide range of movies in practically every genre. We compiled a list of 15 such films. There are heart-warming dramas, suspense-filled thrillers, gross-out comedies, and even a sci-fi
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All About Older Drivers: Safety Tips and Guidelines

Older driver
Over the past few years, news outlets have brought to national attention a spate of alarming stories about tragic traffic accidents caused by elderly drivers. Indeed, as America ages, the safety of its older drivers is being increasingly scrutinized. Many states have passed laws aimed
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The Importance of Having a Living Will

Today, 42% of American adults have living wills (or advance directives) according to an ABC News poll. This figure is at an all-time high, but experts and advocates aren’t satisfied. What Can Happen Without a Living Will In 1990 26 year-old Terri Schiavo, a young married woman l
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10 States with the Most Affordable Assisted Living Costs

Montana State Seal
When I worked as an Senior Resource Coordinator for A Place for Mom, I had countless conversations with families and seniors who were in the process of searching for care. I remember one elderly woman in particular, we’ll call her Janet, who asked me, “What state has the c
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A Frighteningly Common Way Consumers Find Senior Communities

One of the most common ways for families to locate senior communities is also one of the worst: Many seniors and their loved ones find the senior community they choose simply by driving by and seeing the signage or the building. For example, according to a recent report by the Assiste
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Resident Facts: Who Really Lives at Assisted Living?

Who is it that really lives in assisted living communities? Older folks? Yes…usually it’s older folks. But the ages of residents can vary widely, as well as their ability levels. There are many reasons someone can end up at assisted living – various types of health p
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25 Senior Living & Caregiving Twitter Feeds You Should Follow

Twitter Logo
Families who are researching senior care can benefit from the support and information provided online. Although one might not naturally think of Twitter as a resource for this kind of support, it can actually be a great source of info and support for families dealing with caring for a
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Affordable Assisted Living: 5 Insider Secrets

Assisted living community buildings
Assisted living communities can be quite pricey. The 2012 A Place for Mom Cost of Senior Care Survey found that the national average price for a 1-bedroom assisted living apartment is about $3100 per month. In some regions the cost is significantly higher. Seniors who have few assets
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