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Jeff attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks on an academic scholarship, and also studied creative writing at University of Hull, Scarborough Campus (UK). He found his calling in 2009 when he began working with seniors and their families at A Place for Mom. He enjoys literature, chess, and music. Jeff Anderson's Google+ Profile

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15 Weird and Wonderful Movies Set at Senior Communities

Assisted living facilities, retirement communities and nursing homes have served as the backdrop for a wide range of movies in practically every genre. We compiled a list of 15 such films. There are heart-warming dramas, suspense-filled thrillers, gross-out comedies, and even a sci-fi
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25 Senior Living & Caregiving Twitter Feeds You Should Follow

Twitter Logo
Families who are researching senior care can benefit from the support and information provided online. Although one might not naturally think of Twitter as a resource for this kind of support, it can actually be a great source of info and support for families dealing with caring for a
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Affordable Assisted Living: 5 Insider Secrets

Assisted living community buildings
Assisted living communities can be quite pricey. The 2012 A Place for Mom Cost of Senior Care Survey found that the national average price for a 1-bedroom assisted living apartment is about $3100 per month. In some regions the cost is significantly higher. Seniors who have few assets
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6 Ways to Find Your Soul-Mate at Assisted Living

Older man and woman
Men and women usually arrive at assisted living communities out of necessity. They have something in common you could say. They typically have age-related ailments and frailties that make care or supervision a necessity. They’re just like any of us, but often just older and not
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Resident Facts: Who Really Lives at Assisted Living?

Who is it that really lives in assisted living communities? Older folks? Yes…usually it’s older folks. But the ages of residents can vary widely, as well as their ability levels. There are many reasons someone can end up at assisted living – various types of health p
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14 Signs Your Elderly Parent May Be Unsafe Living Alone

It can be difficult to tell the difference between normal, age-related decline and something more serious. According to Alan Gruber, M.D., a psychiatrist with a private practice in Massachusetts, there are several ways a loved one can tell if an elderly relative is losing his or her i
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When Home Care Is Not Enough

Senior Woman at Home #homecare
Home care can be a good option for older parents with low needs, but when a senior becomes frailer and needs grow, the limitations of relying on one individual to provide visiting care can become starkly obvious. Path of Least Resistance When seniors who live alone first begin to need
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8 Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

The average rent for a one bedroom apartment at an assisted living community is about $3,100 per month according to the 2012 A Place for Mom Cost of Senior Care Survey; in some regions the cost is higher. So, understandably, many families who contact us are worried about how to pay fo
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Senior Living Q&A: Coed Roommates at a Care Home?

Two beds in room
Can Senior Communities  Have Men and Women Room Together? Q: My sister is 15 years older than me and lives in a small residential care home. They now have her rooming with a male.  It is a seven  bed facility and the administrator moved them together to make room for a sixth person th
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Senior Living Q&A: Cause of Sudden Gambling Compulsion in Elder?

Q: My aunt, has within the last 6 years become addicted to scratch off tickets at any local gas station. I worry about her safety. She lives alone (insists on it) and comes and goes as she pleases. She states that this gambling is her social life. She knows all the other gamblers that
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