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Author Archive: Jeff Anderson

Jeff attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks on an academic scholarship, and also studied creative writing at University of Hull (UK). He found his calling in 2009 when he began working with seniors and their families at A Place for Mom, and has immersed himself in writing and research about issues affecting older adults. He also enjoys literature, spending time with his daughter and recording music

Green Cross with Cannabis Leaf

Senior Living Q&A: Medical Marijuana at Assisted Living?

Q: My mom lives in Portland, Oregon. She’s 68 years old and has very limited mobility due to multiple sclerosis. She also has glaucoma and is a breast cancer survivor. (She was only given a 50/50 chance of surviving by her doctor’s sbut today she is cancer free.) My mom is...
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Senior Community

Do Assisted Living Communities Accept Residents With Criminal Histories?

Q: My father was a bit of a wild-man and a low level player in organized crime before eventually having a religious conversion, settling down and starting a family. He has a felony conviction related for a non-violent crime related to cigarette smuggling dating back to 1972. Dad serve...
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Older Man

Senior Living Q&A: Can Wanderers Live at Assisted Living?

Q: My elderly father lives with me and has moderate dementia and is prone to wandering. Sometimes he says “I just need to get home,” even when he already is at home. Other times in the morning he will get dressed and try to wander out the front door while saying he is R...
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Financial Planning

Senior Living Q&A: Will Obamacare Affect Assisted Living?

Dear AssistedLiving.Com: I work part time at a large retailer and just learned that under Obamacare I will be able to afford health insurance for the first time. My mother works at assisted living and I am wondering how Obamacare affects assisted living residents and if my mother̵...
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Wine glass

Should Assisted Living Communities Serve Alcohol?

Alcohol is an enigmatic substance. Humans have enjoyed it for thousands of years, using it medicinally, recreationally and religiously. It’s capable of bonding humans, lifting spirits, and consoling this disheartened. But it’s also a dangerous drug responsible for tens of ...
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Volunteer with older woman

Senior Living Q&A: Volunteering at Assisted Living

Q: I have always enjoyed working with seniors and would like to volunteer to work with seniors at an assisted living community. How do I go about doing that? Brightening the day of a senior can be tremendously rewarding, so people frequently ask us how they can volunteer at assisted l...
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The Language of Aging

It’s undeniable that most assisted living residents have lived quite a while, but what terms should we use to describe these venerable adults? The language surrounding aging can be sensitive. The word that’s used for people who have lived more than six or seven decades has...
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An Assisted Living Secret Mission: Unannounced Visits

So you’ve narrowed your senior housing search down to two or three of the most appropriate facilities for your elderly parent or parents. You’ve toured them all, sometimes more than once. You’ve asked all their staff the right questions. You’ve talked to knowin...
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Elderly woman in rocking chair

How Time-Banks Promote the Dignity of Seniors

Imagine a senior named Elda. She is seventy-eight and lives alone. Her health is fair, but she has arthritis and hasn’t been able to clean her house’s roof in years. That’s always been something she paid for. But when roof cleaning time came again this year, she didn...
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Senior with iPad

Best iPad Apps for Senior Citizens

Seniors have been quick to adopt Apple’s iPad, a device that in their childhood would have seemed like a science fiction fantasy. According to a study by eMarketer, iPad use among seniors grew 190% during 2011. This powerful but lightweight touchscreen computer is the size of a ...
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