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Assisted Living Laws by State: Know Your Rights

When parents move to assisted living, we want to be certain they are well cared for. Part of this peace of mind comes from understanding the rights of assisted living residents and the obligations of the assisted living community. But this task is made more challenging because assisted living communities are not regulated nationally like nursing homes. Instead, each U.S. state has its own laws, regulations and licensing standards for assisted living communities. For example, in some states, as many as 25 hours of training are required for caregiving staff while other states have no training requirements.

A community that looks dazzling may in fact be offering substandard care. And a community that looks a little rough around the edges could be a gem.

To help you make a fully informed decision, we are posting each state’s assisted living licensing and regulation requirements on our website. This guide is designed to help you answer questions such as:

  • How much training is required for staff?
  • How often are communities inspected, and what do the inspectors look for?
  • Is there a minimum staffing ratio?
  • What are the rights of the resident?
  • Can my parent be evicted?


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with your rights and the legal obligations of assisted living communities where you live. Click a state below to see its standards.